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Glazing Systems Specifications Manual (National Version)

The Glazing Specifications Manual is intended to reflect all aspects of the practice of glazing in Canada. Users of the manual may belong to one of the following: Students and apprentices; Glaziers and related trade disciplines; Suppliers and manufacturers; General contractors and developers; Engineers, architects and specifiers.

Health & Safety Policy Manual

This manual is designed to provide your company with a personalized and structured Occupational Health and Safety Program that will assist in reducing accidents and ensuring compliance with Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

Rain Exposure Nomograph for BC Municipalities

First introduced in the industry guide Best Practices for Window and Door Replacement in Wood-Frame Buildings, these rain exposure nomographs are based on those in CSA A440.4-07, Window, door and skylight installation.

Window Safety

Education is the best way to reduce child injuries, and the Window Safety Task Force promotes window safety awareness. 

NAFS in Canada Blog

As the web's only in-depth resource on the North American Fenestration Standard, the NAFS in Canada blog seeks to help Canadian Industry participants make sense of NAFS and the Canadian Supplement to NAFS.